My interprentation of the theme health is currency is that you can gamble your health to unlock a secret door they will get you somewhere..... and you also use your health to use a shield

Under the boss fight you can deflect bullets using the shield to make the boss take dmg.. you better watch out for the shock waves its sending out. Remember dont just use your shield all the time. Sometimes the shield causes you to take extra dmg from the shockwaves soo watch out!

Controls are as follows E for using casino and doors. And when fighting e is for shield
W for jump
A for left
D for right

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Made for Ludom Dare 44

Install instructions

Download the correct file for your system and then unpack them 


Health is Defense, Health is 20 MB
Health is Defense, Health is Luck(Mac).zip 36 MB
Health is Defense, Health is Luck(Linux).rar 16 MB

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